Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unloved products?

i feel like when you have a large makeup collection, it is inevitable that you will grow a collection of unloved products. what do you do with these products? i never want to feel like i wasted money, so i force myself to use them, but even in the longest life do i have enough time to use up the makeup i love much less the makeup i am meh about. over time i have tried various ways to force myself to use them, but i am just not interested in it any more. i have pulled some items out of my collection and set them aside, i don't really have anyone in my life personally that is that into makeup except my sister who lives 4,000 miles away in another country...soo ya. I kind of wish i had someone to donate my perfectly useful products that just didn't work for me. I need more makeup friends in my life... oh well c'est la vie!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


There! I said it, you heard it right. I think anyone in the beauty community online (be it YouTube, blogging, etc) has either fallen prey or witnessed it. I have more makeup than any one person needs for probably their entire life. I am ok with this, it makes me happy. My husband is ok with it, he knows what makes me happy. Now to the point of my post. Hoarding takes space! so what is a hoarder with a tiny apartment to do...improvise! I have made myself a cubby/cave/secret place. it is not obvious what is going on in here until you get close.
 While i am a collector of makeup, i am also a collector of many many other things (like yarn, clothing, body care products, kitchen-y stuff) so my apartment is cramped enough that you cannot see directly into my cubby until you are well into the room it is in. so nosy visitors do not tend to find it on their own very often.

My husband helped me transform this tiny 3'x3' closet into my own little hideaway. He built me these shelves to hold my body care items and perfumes on one side and nail polish and more lotions/sunscreens on the other side (as you will see when you scroll.) I have a lot of stuff, as you can tell. Makeup doesn't take up all that much room as individual items are generally fairly small, but in bulk you have to be crafty with how you organize and maximize space. I really love my little space, it is private yet still in the same room my husband uses for a spare room/office which means he is not far away if we are both home. He even made me a little drop-down shelf so i can use my laptop in here, which often i will just sit in here on my little ottoman stool and watch youtube videos or play games. Only a very few select people have been inside my little room, i am very picky about who knows about my hoarding/addiction. On a rare occasion my husband has let someone in when i was not home, which i have not been happy about. it feels like a personal invasion, particularly if i heard second hand that they have made rude comments.

I feel like having a small space of my own has been wonderful. i work rotating shifts and sometimes crazy hours so it is nice to have a place to come in, turn on the light, and get ready at the butt crack of dawn. i hate waking my husband up unnecessarily and if i get ready in the bathroom it is highly likely that our dog will bark at me in his half-asleep stupor thinking i am an intruder because he has the memory of a gnat and will forget i left the room in 30 seconds.
I have a goal for myself to use products up, and i have been successful so far. I love this space, it makes me feel happy and content to be in here even when i am not just getting ready. I enjoy makeup a lot, and i also enjoy privacy and personal space so it is the best of all worlds for me. If anyone has any specific questions on how i did this so you can do something similar feel free to drop me a line. Everyone i have allowed to be privy to this has found it amazing. And i have to say i do agree, it is pretty awesome.

things i wish i could tell my teenage self

there are a lot of obvious things i would like to tell my teenage self like don't drink because hangovers suck, and other typical stuff, but I have far more specific things i *wish* i could have told myself. I have made a lot of mistakes, many of which were in my teens, and if i would have listened to anybody (which is probably doubtful) maybe my future self could have gotten through.

1. Older guys are NOT cool. You know what i mean, and knock it off. if a guy is 10 years older than you, but still has your same interests he is a loser, and immature. it is not cool to have an older boyfriend, in fact it should be considered lame that you connect with a grown-ass adult like they are a child. this is their problem, not yours and don't forget that. In case you don't learn your lesson with this advise the first time, be prepared that you WILL learn it the second time and it will be hell, and the worst experience you will have in your life.

2. Not everyone is an asshole. Pessimistic views and teenagers are like mac&cheese, but some people in your life are looking out for you, and when you get older they will prove that. Whatever you think of people right now will change. nothing in life is constant and that is the only constant you will have in life. People change, people evolve, people grow apart and that is OK. everything will be just fine, you can and will live with and without some people despite what you think of them now.

3. Don't move out! at least not at 17, huge mistake. you probably won't listen (remember point #1) but know even if you make big mistakes you will land on your feet. I would say you are like a cat because the shit storm you will get into and out of because of bad/misguided decisions will feel like you have dodged about 9lives worth of bullets. It will be OK eventually, but the bottom is not going to be fun, and having no money will leave you there a while.

4. You have an excellent memory but try not to use it on other people. you will be a happier person if you can learn to let things slide. people make mistakes, as will you, and you wouldn't want people holding things against you for years just because they remember them. i don't think that this is going to happen, as my current self is still working on this, but maybe if i tried earlier i would be in a better place now.

5. life is NOT going to turn out the way you are expecting/planning/anticipating. NEVER. no not even if you plan it that way. or that way. just no.

6. somethings in life are really important, and some things are not. same goes for people. try to decipher early which is which. putting energy into things that are doomed to fail is a waste and could be spent on so much more worthy causes/people.

7. you won't be famous, so you don't need to make your life as drama filled as possible. just because Elizabeth Taylor had wide love affairs and multiple marriages with wildly inappropriate men does not mean you need to follow suite. no one is writing a biography on your life, so making things 10 times more complicated than they need to be will only cause you heart ache.

8. learn to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run. I think this is self explanatory...but just in case see point #1 and #3 for reference. this would probably the most important thing for you to learn, because holding on too long only hurts more in the end.

that's what i think would be most important. I, like many others I'm sure, wish i could have a time machine and go back to make things right/better for myself. I don't think i could do that now, because the things i have learned and lived through have stuck with me like a bad rain cloud. i wish i could just go back and erase all the bad because i was a really nice when i was young.