Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make Up Obsession

I recently was living back in the US for a couple months, and it didn't really hit me until I was packing to leave how bad my obsession has gotten. I have a wonderful husband who tolerates just about anything I could throw at him (of course I would never throw makeup that could break haha.) I got to adding up in my head how much I had spent over the last couple months on makeup and clothing and shoes and lotion (oh my god the lotion.) It didn't really hit me until it was all there in front of me.

There really is no way of not making eye contact with a full-sized bed full of the things you brought, and the small luggage they all must fit in to. It was all a happy ending, as my husband is a frequent flier and allowed extra luggage, but it really hit me how tolerant he has been through all this. I own probably more makeup than I will ever go through in a life time, maybe two, and I still have a desire or a compulsion to buy more. I think I am like a bird that is attracted to shiny things, only mine is shimmery eyeshadow and sparkly lip gloss. I am a bit OCD so my things are very tidy, well organized, and easily accessible but where does it end? Will I always be on the hunt for the next best face lotion, or the best eyeliner, or the best more unique eyeshadow color.

For now I am committing myself to not buying anything I don't need until I am back in the US to visit my family in january. I did get some amazing deals on cosmetics and lotion while in the states, that I never would have gotten here, so I have decided maybe it is a better strategy to save up my money for 6 months at a time and make one big purchase when I get things for a steal in the states. It sounds like a good plan, and most probably even money-saving in the long run but how does that work out for a complete shopaholic with a major make up obsession...