Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today...was a good day. I was killing time, chatting on the phone with my mom, wandering a store between classes when much to my surprise i saw a little gem sticking out of a clearance basket. Yes...that is correct, i am a bargain hunter and no i don't really mind being called cheap. Long ago, a couple years now i think, i had found a bunch of these truly awesome lip glosses at the dollar store for a buck each from Maybelline. Shine Seduction, they had me at shine. I love lip gloss, i have yet to truly discover if i love looking at it more than actually wearing it but that is another story for another day. Today's story however, I had found one of these fabulous lip gloss's bigger older sister the Volume Seduction XL. These were discontinued a while back i believe, as at the time i had found one on clearance for about 3 bucks. I love these lip glosses, i love the feel (not sticky or tacky) i love the colors (some are sheer some are pigmented) i even love the applicator (hard plastic tip that the products twists up out of) all around i have loved these. Today i found one just shining at me out of a very sad basket so i picked it up. Having no price marked on it, and there was not even a space in the Maybelline display any longer i had no idea how much it was, so i walked over to the price scanner to check.
YA! That's right... 0.01... this lip gloss that i have loved for several years that has been missing from my existence was 1 penny. Now how could I leave that behind, sad, in an over crowded basket. I very much think that 1 penny fits a students budget. I swear i need to do project 10 pan, but not today.