Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unloved products?

i feel like when you have a large makeup collection, it is inevitable that you will grow a collection of unloved products. what do you do with these products? i never want to feel like i wasted money, so i force myself to use them, but even in the longest life do i have enough time to use up the makeup i love much less the makeup i am meh about. over time i have tried various ways to force myself to use them, but i am just not interested in it any more. i have pulled some items out of my collection and set them aside, i don't really have anyone in my life personally that is that into makeup except my sister who lives 4,000 miles away in another country...soo ya. I kind of wish i had someone to donate my perfectly useful products that just didn't work for me. I need more makeup friends in my life... oh well c'est la vie!

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