Saturday, April 16, 2011

L'oreal warehouse sale

why...why do these companies do this to me? First annabelle/marcelle now L'oreal? who's next?

I am not one to pass up amazing deals, maybe i should start being that person though. my husband has this saying, i'm going broke saving money. that is starting to be true, if i hadn't been broke already. love that student budget! on to the better parts now.

This all started because it was my anniversary on april 12th, and my loving husband had decided to get me this perfume that i had been lemming. Vitkor & Rolf Flowerbomb, i can't even describe it. it is sweet, it is soft, it is intoxicating and it doesn't give me a headache (i am very sensitive to perfumes) In canada it happens to be very expensive... at 105$ for 50 ml but a co worker of my husband's had an invite to the l'oreal/lancome/maybelline/fragrance warehouse sale. sure enough, lucky as i was, they had it there for 49.50$ of course i made up for the price difference with mascara :P

I did pick up my mascara allotment for the year, 3 of my fav l'oreal voluminous, 1 l'oreal collagen, 1 l'oreal telescopic explosion (which i have wanted to try for ages but it is expensive for drugstore in canada and i just refuse to spend that amount on l'oreal) 2 maybelline full 'n soft, and 2 maybelline last stiletto. i also picked up 2 maybelline dream matte foundation and 1 concealer all in light 0. i got 3 maybelline color sensational lip stains, 1 color sensational lipstick and one l'oreal hip duo and 1 l'oreal wear infinite eyeshadow.

this particular purchase was considerably more than the annabelle warehouse sale, but the steals were still pretty good, my total was 118.50$ before taxes. i did the same breakdown like last time just to see what i saved so here it is

Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb 105.00
l'oreal voluminous x3 10.99
l'oreal collagen 13.99
l'oreal telescopic explosion 13.99
maybelline lash stiletto x2 10.99
maybelline full 'n soft x2 10.99
maybelline dream matte foundation x2 14.99
maybelline dream concealer 8.99
l'oreal hip duo 11.49
l'oreal wear infinite 6.99
maybelline color sensational lip stain x3 10.99
maybelline color sensational lipstick 11.49
grand total: retail 311.82 before taxes. i paid 118.50 before taxes (they did over charge me by 2.75 which i didn't notice at the time and i can't do anything about it now but for that price difference i will just consider it a small fee)

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